Corporate level insights

Develop a high-return strategy with an integrated and financially-driven understanding of impacts, costs and risks

Corporate (scope 1, 2 & 3) footprints and reporting

Aligned Incentives streamlines the process for completing cradle-to-grave impact assessments. Aligned Incentives follows best practice accounting and product standards developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), in particular the GHG Protocol. The integrated hybrid LCA methodology used by Aligned Incentives takes advantage of Input-Output LCA data to ensure that the analysis is comprehensive while integrating process LCA data to refine results. Results are delivered in formats ready to publish with organizations like CDP, GRI and DJSI.


  • Develop a corporate footprint without another layer of supplier questionnaires
  • Provide a science-based foundation for developing a robust sustainability strategy
  • Prioritize sustainability investments and optimally allocate scarce resources with a targeted capital gating process
  • Create visibility for strategic sustainability initiatives
  • Boost sustainability ratings and industry rankings

Science based targets

Aligned Incentives enables companies to set science based targets (SBTs) with a robust business case behind. We help senior executives understand the principles and benefits of setting SBTs; we help companies choose the best SBT methodology for identifying targets that best align with an organization’s strategy; and most importantly we help build the business case and strategies to help reach SBTs in ways that maximize business value.


  • Have company understand the what and why of SBTs
  • Identify the best methodology for setting targets given company’s strategy
  • Identify initiatives that will achieve targets with the highest return on investment
  • Report progress in ways that maximize value for CDP, DJSI and GRI reporting

Financial valuation of externalities / EP&L

To better prioritize investment decisions and communicate the value of sustainability initiatives, Aligned Incentives uses best practice impact assessment frameworks and valuation methods to translate environmental and social impacts into financial terms. 


  • Express externalities in terms that all business executives can understand
  • Assess the relative importance of various societal issues based on science rather than relying only on stakeholder opinions
  • Provide the foundation for identifying sustainability initiatives with highest environmental ROIs

Financial valuation of hidden internalized costs

Aligned Incentives enables its clients to understand the financial impacts of environmental and social issues that are embedded in the supply chain, realized during internal operations, and passed along to customers.


  • Increase competitiveness by developing products with a lower total cost of ownership for customers
  • Reduce internal costs and risks associated with environmental and social issues
  • Reduce supply chain costs with a targeted approach that quantifies environmental and social issues across suppliers

Growth opportunities built around societal issues

Aligned Incentives enables its clients to view sustainability challenges as sales opportunities. We help our clients understand how societal issues affect their customers and translate that understanding into a competitive advantage. For example, Aligned Incentives quantifies how product design choices affect a customer’s total cost of ownership, providing our clients with insights for developing better products with clear cost benefits for their customers.


  • Grow market share based on robust customer cost analytics
  • Enable sustainability group to add value to product development and sales
  • Move sustainability thinking from a defensive or “giving back” approach to a focus on sustainable growth

Impact, cost & risk mitigation strategies

Improving the overall sustainability of your organization requires difficult tradeoffs and strategic allocation of resources. Aligned Incentives works with its clients to identify the most cost-effective strategies for reducing impacts and their associated costs and risks. Drawing from our extensive inventory of industry, government and academic environmental and financial data, we evaluate and prioritize sustainability initiatives that maximize the “bang for the buck” in both societal and business terms.


  • Move from understanding what matters environmentally and financially to finding the most cost-effective mitigation initiatives.
  • Provide decision makers in operations, procurement and sales with a prioritized list of actionable and high return initiatives
  • Justify funding increases for sustainability initiatives by demonstrating a compelling business case

Strategy optimization under uncertainty

Most of our clients operate in uncertain environments and are vulnerable to regulatory, budget, operational and market risks. Aligned Incentives develops strategies that account for these uncertainties, leveraging advanced analytics to identify the most cost-effective strategies under a variety of plausible scenarios.


  • Develop strategies that have a high probability of success under uncertain conditions
  • Prepare for and quickly adapt to changing regulatory, budget or market conditions
  • Maximize expected return on investment under uncertainty