Our Story

It all began with a passion for “Why?”

Yann and Craig grew up in different parts of the world, but they had one common trait. Craig was raised in New Jersey, Yann in Congo – but growing up they were both known as the “why” boys because they were constantly asking questions about why things had to be the way they were.  

Meeting of minds: lack of insights at scale > misaligned incentives > inability to reach ambitious societal targets 

They met in 2011 developing a sustainability platform for the Department of Defense’s supply chain, the largest in the world with annual purchases of over $700B. While coming at it from different angles (Yann from the strategy and finance angle, Craig from the sustainability modelling angle), they were frustrated by the same two puzzling gaps:   

First, existing life cycle assessment software solutions were either granular (ALTERNATIVE) but restricted to individual product assessment, or high-level corporate tracking tools with very limited analytic power, particularly regarding scope 3 emissions.   

Second, they offered little financial guidance on how to optimize spending to reach an organization’s targets 

Aligned Incentives is born

After many days and nights rethinking fundamental data accounting, scaling and financial integration issues, Craig and Yann put everything they had into launching Aligned Incentives, with one obsession: give organizations the tools needed to reach aggressive societal targets.

Fast growth

Our growth has been through word of mouth, with our resources focused on product development rather than on sales and marketing. Our customers have rewarded us for our commitment to innovation and we are honored to count many of the world’s largest companies as long-term clients.