Our Story

Aligned Incentives was founded in 2015 to fill a gap between corporate reporting software and product level life cycle assessment software:

Corporate reporting software

Good for high level reporting but limited insights for how to reach targets, particularly regarding scope 3 emissions; no financial integration.

Product level LCA software

Good for individual product assessment but cannot scale up to the corporate level to provide detailed impact accounting across the value chain; no financial integration.

Aligned Incentives’ innovation: AITrack, a premium platform that:

1) Generates the granular insights needed to reach targets like Net Zero, at scale.

2) Provides the financial integration needed to align incentives between product development, finance, procurement, suppliers and customers – i.e. the stakeholders essential to achieve such targets.

Filling this gap is hard and required rethinking fundamental data accounting, scaling, and financial integration issues, with a result that remains unique in the market. Our growth has been word of mouth and our resources have been entirely focused on product development. Our customers have rewarded us for our commitment to innovation and we are honored to count many of the world’s largest companies as long-term clients.