Our Story

We founded Aligned Incentives to address two issues and the disconnect between sustainability and business growth:

Siloed sustainability departments

Most large organizations publicly claimed that sustainability was good for both business and society at large. However, when working at more granular operating levels, we usually found that the collaboration between sustainability and core business groups was not anchored on financial goals. Sustainability departments were often siloed within companies while operational groups were under intense pressure to deliver on sales and cost objectives. As a result, operating units struggled to understand how societal goals could create business opportunities.

Siloed consultancies

Organizations seeking integrative sustainability solutions from outside experts faced the gap between science-based sustainability consultancies and management/strategy consultancies. The former developed innovative methods for quantifying societal impacts and resulting risks, whereas the latter created strategies focused on core business goals. Our clients complained that they could not find consultancies that effectively brought these two skillsets together.

Rethinking Sustainability as Impact and Business Growth

We founded Aligned Incentives in 2015 to help large organization overcome these two issues. The very word “sustainability”, with its perception of conservative avoidance of growth does not do justice to the vast and scalable business opportunities offered to organizations ready to tackle the world’s largest societal challenges with a business eye. We help sustainability groups generate significant business value, enabling them to accelerate their organization’s impact and growth.  Within only a few years, Aligned Incentives has become a trusted advisor to many of the world’s largest organizations; our growth has been fueled by our ability to generate significant business and societal value.