Meet AITrack, the breakthrough software used by the world’s largest organizations for:

✓ Footprinting and reporting of environmental and social impacts, and their associated financial consequences
✓ Target setting and progress tracking, including Net Zero and other science-based targets
✓ Mitigation planning, leveraging sophisticated financial tools
✓ Seamless integration between mitigation accounting and footprinting, with verifiable ability to take credit for interventions
✓ Boosting of analyst ratings by demonstrating sophisticated understanding and management of opportunities, costs and risks

Grounded on the life cycle assessment (LCA) of hundreds of thousands of products and industrial processes, covering about 2,000 environmental and social issues.


AITrack generates the granular insights needed to reach targets like NetZero, at scale.

AITrack blends financial and environmental insights, enabling customers to answer a simple question: where should I invest my next $ to achieve my target?

Scroll over the figure below to find out the value of AITrack for various internal and external stakeholders

Corporate level insights

Develop a high-return strategy with an integrated and financially-driven understanding of impacts, costs and risks.

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Division level insights

Implement financially-driven sustainability solutions designed for procurement, sales, reporting, finance and product development.

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