Show Me the Money: The Rise of Societal Life Cycle Costing

Selected to be a keynote presentation at the 2018 CIRP LCE conference in Copenhagen.

Co-written with Chris Wellise, the Chief Sustainability Officer at HPE and Matthew Swibel, Director of Enterprise Risk and Sustainability at Lockheed Martin, this paper explores the growing trend of translating the societal impacts of products into monetary terms and assessing those societal life cycle costs in parallel to traditional Total Cost of Ownership measures.

You can also download the research paper below:

Show me the money

From Inventory To Materiality To High Return Investments

Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference, September 9-13, 2017, the Textile Exchange’s yearly conference in Washington, DC. Plenary session October 10, 4.10-5.10pm.

Jeffrey Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer at C&A, invited Aligned Incentives to co-present their footprint and materiality work. Aligned Incentives’ Managing Director Yann Risz will address questions such as: How to develop GHG and water footprints that enable higher return sustainability investment decisions? How to move from optimizing for less emissions to optimizing for less damage to society and more business for the company?


Energy Exchange, August 15-17, DOE’s yearly flagship event in Tampa Florida.

On August 17, 2017, Aligned Incentives and its client the DoD presented a session on properly valuing water. Specifically, Aligned Incentives laid out 4 basic steps that streamline the development of a financially and environmentally robust water strategy.

Click below to download the 4 critical steps to understand impacts, costs and risks of water for your organization, and how to identify water initiatives with the highest environmental and financial returns.

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5 steps for boosting the business relevance of sustainability

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) 2017 Summit, May 8-10, Denver, Colorado

On May 9th, Lockheed Martin and Aligned Incentives presented the 5 steps that enabled Lockheed Martin to:

  • Better support sales
  • Quantify risks in financial terms
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Boost ratings

Click below to download summary of our presentation.

Download overview